Infoshow23 is the annual showcase and celebration of Pratt School of Information student work, and is part of Pratt Shows. InfoShow is taking place on Thursday, May 11th from 5:30-7:45pm, followed by the School of Information Graduation Party from 7:45-9:45pm.

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A PDF version of this program is available here.

Welcome – 5:30-5:35pm

The InfoShow print program will be available for pickup on Ground Floor Lobby or 6th Floor of Pratt Manhattan Center. Inside your program, please find a ballot for the People’s Choice Award ($500) which will be selected by attendees of InfoShow. To participate, please submit your ballot by 7:45pm to the ballot box in the 2nd floor lobby.

Session 1 – 5:35pm – 6:15pm

Room 606 – Data, Visualization and Policy
Moderator: Dr. John Lauermann

Data Privacy Laws in the U.S. and the Effect on Americans (S1R606a)
Courtney Beesch

Indigenous Data Sovereignty & Open Data: Conflicts and Resolutions (S1R606b)
Tk Cram

Manhattan Helicopter map (S1R606c)
Ziqi Wang and Jiacheng Chen

Room 609 – UX Design
Moderator: Dr. Craig MacDonald

Ethics in Video Game UX (S1R609a)
Arthi Sundararajan

Transportation Alternatives (S1R609b)
Daniel Meagher, Eva Chen and Marc Molta

Seamless Music Discovery on Wearables (S1R609c)
Shan Chang, Cathy Hu, Sharon Tao and Guillermo Ramirez

Room 610 – LGBTQ+ Archives
Moderator: Asst. Dean Quinn Lai

Preserving and Restoring LGBTQ+ Archive (S1R610a)
Rachel Brenner, Alex Austin, Sunni Wong, Simone Levy, Dylan Granger, June Bendich

Restored Film Screening (select portion): Straight Talk about Lesbians (S1R610b)
Trale Tevis

Room 612 – Love, Games and Music
Moderator: Dr. Rachel Daniell

A More Sustainable Approach to Music Touring (S1R612a)
Alyce Currier

Virtual “Gayborhoods” and the Ethics of Queer Technologies (S1R612b)
Philip Garip

Gamification in Human-Computer Interaction (S1R612c)
Gatha Ashishkumar Bhakta

Room 613 – Library, Archive & Museum Fellowship Projects
Moderator: Dr. Irene Lopatovska

Tracking Archival Collections Use at the Center for Brooklyn History (S1R613a)
Althea Meer

Linked Open Data Fellowship at the MoMA (S1R613b)
Elly Leonard

WatsOnline at Watson: a Year at the Met (S1R613c)
Ever Sugarman and Carol Choi

Room 704 – Augmented Reality and Mobile
Moderator: Dr. Nancy Smith

Hinge Connect (S1R704a)
Sara Shahnoosh, Sacchit Vartak and Johna Shi

WANNA KICKS – Reimagine AR Try On Experience (S1R704b)
Johna Shi

Vandalizer – VR break room that encourages users to release aggression through gamified experiences (S1R704c)
Johna Shi, Brooke Shapiro and Venera Zaripova

Room 714 – Youth and Libraries
Moderator: Dr. Leanne Bowler

An Argument for Graphic Novel Collections in Libraries (S1R714a)
Alessandra O’Brien

Now Your’e Collecting My Language: Collection Development in Brooklyn Public Library’s Youth Wing (S1R714b)
Brianna Stamm

“Harmful to Minors”: How Book Bans Harm Adolescent Development (S1R714c)
Grace Pickering

Break 6:15-6:20pm

Session 2 – 6:20-7:00pm

Room 606 – Politics and Information
Moderator: Dr. John Lauermann

The Integrated Presence of Extremist Ideology on Social Media (S2R606a)
Dylan Granger

Never Heard Silence Quite This Loud: How France Has Selectively Silenced Algerian War Archives to Support Political Aspirations and Reinforce National Identity (S2R606b)
Maia Hirschler

A Modern-Day Tammy Faye: Remediating Televangelism for Social Media (S2R606c)
Simone Levy

Room 609 – Amazon Music Challenge
Moderator: Dr. Craig MacDonald

MuDiary: Redefining Music Listening with Memories and Emotions (Amazon Music Challenge) (S2R609a)
Carolyn Yu and Amanda Yee

Listening modes: Providing users with more control over tailoring their music experience (S2R609b)
Hailee Luong, Jennifer Kyungeun Lee, Nishi Chitale and Ruhee Shah

Snippets & Credits: Empowering avid listeners to actively support and discover their next favorite artists (S2R609c)
Katie Im, John Kellejian, Stacey O’Carroll and Shubanghi Singh

Room 610 – Art and LAMs (Libraries, Archives & Museums)
Moderator: Asst. Dean Quinn Lai

A Year at the Franklin Furnace Archive (S2R610a)
Anna Jacobson

Pushing Past the Envelope: Visualizing the Mail-Art Network (S2R610b)
Nicole Rosengurt

Room 611 – Visualization and Visual Culture
Moderator: Dr. Chris Alen Sula

Making the Desert Island Discs Dataset: Data Visceralization and How We Don’t Know What We Know (S2R611a)
Lubov McKone, Jessika Davis, Carol Choi and Ava Kaplan

Black Built Environment: an ALA-funded LibGuide project (S2R611b)
Carol Choi

Climate Change’s Effect on Tree Communities (S2R611c)
Jolie Leung

Room 612 – Demos of Digital Tools

Login to a computer and be guided by students through a selection of digital tools (Unmoderated).

A Research Guide / LibGuide on Information & Human Rights (S2R612a)
Althea Meer, Alfredo Gutierrez and Maddie Lane

Endless Possibili-Teas (S2R612b)
Bhavna Paikattil

NYC Greenspaces Map (S2R612c)
Marc Molta

Room 613 – Digital Archives
Moderator: Dr. Irene Lopatovska

The Never Ending Catalog of Obsolete Media (S2R613a)
Aisha Khan and Sam Irwin

Spiritual Technology (S2R613b)
Meina Naeymirad

Preserving Born Digital Artwork Made in Procreate (S2R613c)
Sara Sarmiento

Room 705A – Interactive

Dragon Newspaper Oneshot Program (S2R705a)
June Bendich, Katie Rigney and Chris Jacobs

Room 714 – Food and Technology
Moderator: Prof. Rebecca Evanhoe

Cooking as Conversation: Embracing Embodied Knowledge and Oral History in Culinary Information Systems (S2R714a)
Alyse Delaney

Parsnip – The operating system for the home kitchen (S2R714b)
Sharon Tao

Break 7:00-7:05PM

Session 3 – 7:05-7:45pm

Room 610 – Accessibility and Education
Moderator: Asst. Director Meredith Brull

Analyzing The Implications Of Color Vision Deficiency In A Creative Career (S3R610a)
Medhaswi Paturu

Design for Deaf Accessibility (S3R610b)
Radhika Mehra

How to Help Good: Lessons From an Award Winning Tutor (S3R610c)
Tk Cram

Room 613 – UX Design and Research
Moderator: Dr. Monica Maceli

Data-Driven Personas (S3R613a)
Jolie Leung

Evaluating the Digital Experience at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (S3R613b)
Tereza Chanaki, Alyse Delaney and Riley Tirst

Responsible Food Waste Reduction (S2R613c)
Nehal Sharma, Hoa Luong, Sehyun Jeon and Tanmaya Srija Jyothula

Room 201 – Poster Session

Death Plan (S3R201a)
Abbey Hurst

Mapping History Underfoot in Paris: Discovering Roman Lutetia and Medieval Paris today through the power of open data (S3R201b)
Anna Feldman

Archiving the Ephemeral (S3R201c)
Celia Coan and Grace Volinsky

Capturing Impermanence: How & Why to Archive Your Website (S3R201d)
Ellis Mikelić and Anna Collins

QUILT: Queer Intimacies Located in Thread (S3R201e)
Gabriella Evergreen

What is Mine is Yours, but is It Ours? (S3R201f)
Hannah Rothfield

Significance of interlibrary loan data in collection development poster (S3R201g)
Harsh Taggar

Community Archives and Preservation (CAP) Project at the LGBT Center Archive (S3R201h)
Jacs Rodriguez

Designing Supportive Conversational Agents With and For Teens (S3R201i)
Jessika Davis

Why Webtoons Work! (S3R201j)
June Bendich

Establishing Formal Processes for Handling Harmful or Explicit Material in Digital Collections: A Focus on Protecting Donor Privacy (S3R201k)
Kc Stanziano

Processing the Samuel Kahn MD Papers at the Oskar Diethelm Library (S3R201l)
Lily Susman

Contextualizing AI-Generated Transcripts for Researchers (S3R201m)
Lubov McKone

Women & Revolution: Unveiling the struggles of Women’s Rights to Life and Freedom in Iran (S3R201n)
Meina Naeymirad

QEMU x Mac OS 9.2: Configuring an emulator for Rhizome’s Digital Preservation Program (S3R201o)
Samie Konet

My fellowship at Pratt Center for Community Engagement (S3R201p)
Ziqi Wang

School of Information Graduation Party – 2nd Floor Lobby and Room 201 – 7:45-9:45pm

Around 8pm we will announce the award winners for best individual and group project, as well as the People’s Choice Award.

Prof. Debbie Rabina is retiring! We have a notebook at the party where you can sign and leave her a message.

Also on Display at Pratt Manhattan Center

Thank you to…

Thank you to the Estate of Robertina Campbell (MSLIS ’66) for making possible the awards.  Thank you to our faculty for nominating and shepherding student work all the way through InfoShow and to graduation. A special thank you to our awards jury: Profs. Chris Sula, Leanne Bowler, Nancy Smith and John Lauermann, and to Assistant Dean Quinn Lai for tallying the People’s Choice Award. Thank you to our session moderators for keeping our sessions moving smoothly this evening. Thank you to School of Information staff, including Vinette Thomas and Meredith Brull, as well as staff from across the Institute for their hard work in making this event possible, and to Dish Food and Events for serving us this evening.

Lastly, thank you to all our student presenters and our 2023 graduating class!

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