Using my experience cooking my grandfather’s pierogi recipe, this presentation examines how culinary information is disseminated through written and oral communication. It analyzes the structure of instructional food information (recipes), presents on how current food media is invigorating oral history in the kitchen, and concludes with imperatives to develop culinary information systems that faithfully represent the cultures from which the recipes originate.

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Alyse Delaney
Alyse (she/hers) is an artist, archivist, data visualist, memory mapper, and food scholar. Her academic research examines embodied, emotional, and cultural experiences of data and archival information, particularly through the acts of cooking and eating. She stands by the idea that food is political and seeks to use critical archival storytelling to uncover personal and community histories through food. This May, she will earn an MSLIS from Pratt Institute with an Advanced Certificate in Spatial Analysis and Design.