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R.A.T.’s Nest: A Case Study in Archival Bonds, Orphan Image Research & Applying Radical Empathy

As archivists, how do the stories that we tell ourselves affect our work? Over the course of several months, I investigated a mysterious donation of photographs to the…

WatsOnline at Watson: a Year at the Met’s library

We will be presenting on our fellowship at the Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art including projects we contributed to, lessons learned, and some…

Resonating Words in Digital Humanities: A Brief Study of US Federal Government Treaties with Native American Nations

Treaties are living documents that link Native American Nations with the Federal Government of the United States, and their multifaceted conditions continue to raise numerous questions in our post colonial age. A combination of multiple word frequencies attempt to provide further insight in treaties with 142 Native American Nations.

Corruption & Distortion: The Dark Side of Digitization

This poster aims to highlight how digitization projects may negatively alter both source material, as well as user experience.