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Culturally Responsive Library Practice

These projects are examples of librarians working to support their communities in ways that respond directly to the community needs.

“You Are Here”: An Arts & Letters Book Display

This presentation will share a book display curated for use at the Arts & Letters elementary school library in Brooklyn. The “You Are Here” display curates place-The display entices students first to “read the book” and then to “see the sights.” The presentation will share reflections and images of the implemented display.

How-To Video: Perler Bead Necklace

This instructional video teaches a craft skill using principles of instructional design and simple technology.

How to Fold a Plastic Bag

This instructional video uses stop animation and principals of good instructional design to teach how to fold a plastic shopping bag into a neat, small triangle.

Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart is a poster promoting the value of collection weeding.

Digital Citizenship

This poster serves as an introduction to the concept of Digital Citizenship in K-12 schools. It defines terms, provides data explaining the need for this curriculum, and describes how school librarians are uniquely able to provide this education.

Mock Newbery Club Materials

This is a set of materials for a potential after school book club. The club involves middle school aged students reading a selection of books, writing reviews, and voting for a winner. Includes an informational brochure, bookmark, and advertising poster for this club.

Op-Ed: Find the Light in Your Library

An op ed and discussion about the school library as a third space.

Peer Teaching in School Libraries

This lightning talk explains why peer learning is a powerful teaching tool in school libraries.