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Black Built Environment: an ALA-funded LibGuide project

Black Built Environment: race and architecture in America is a new ALA grant-funded research guide that supports a re-imagination of the architectural canon and more equitable practices across…

WatsOnline at Watson: a Year at the Met’s library

We will be presenting on our fellowship at the Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art including projects we contributed to, lessons learned, and some…

A Descriptive Bibliography: Panorganon, Or A Universal Instrument

A descriptive bibliography of William Leybourn’s 1672 book Panorganon; Or A Universal Instrument. Evaluating the book’s physical makeup, creators, condition, and history.

Libraries & Journalism: The Information Community

This LibGuide brings together journalism and librarianship under the umbrella of a unified “Information Community.” While there is precedent for collaborative action among these groups, this guide provides…

Chinese Bodice-Rippers, Russian Vampire Novels and Danielle Steele in Albanian: The World of Languages at New York Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library

To say that knowledge of foreign languages is useful for librarians in the city public libraries is an understatement. And yet library schools are not preparing future librarians to deal with barriers to access resulting from foreign languages, and past research on the topic in library science journals has been sparse. In order to understand this vital yet ignored part of public librarianship, I will analyze the different approaches that the NYPL and BPL take in developing foreign language collections, and I will make recommendations for future changes in the field.

Information Interactions in Museums and Libraries

Despite their similarities, libraries and museums have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to user interaction and accessibility. In order to increase accessibility to their collections and thus increase the knowledge production potential of the information sources therein, the two types of institution need not only to learn from each other but also to collaborate. This presentation will explore the current state of library/museum collaboration and explore some directions for future work, including bringing collaboration between the two fields into the classroom at the graduate level.

Re-designing the Fluvanna Free Library Website

A poster showcasing the steps of the user-centered design process for a (hypothetical) re-design of the website for the Fluvanna Free Library in Jamestown, NY. Students will show…

Three Contemporary Libraries

A comparison of three contemporary libraries – Beinecke Rare Books & Manuscripts at Yale; Sendai Mediatheque in Japan; Seattle Central Library in Oregon. With Beinecke as the touchstone, a study of how the contemporary library incorporates a traditional book library and expands to include any/all other media and a community’s desires and expectations of the role of their library. Intended to elicit further discussion and study of how modern libraries serve us architecturally.

Preservation in Libraries: The Intrinsic Value of Primary Records vs. Deciding What Not to Preserve

While technology has made digitization of books possible, the conversion to digital surrogates does not resolve the controversial question of where and how we should preserve our vast collections of original source materials.

Augmented Reality in the Library

Augmented reality is a ‘location-aware,’ emerging technology comprising of a digital overlay of computer-generated imagery within the real-world environment. Allowing for instant access and direct interaction through the…