This project was the final product of my practicum at Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Branch Youth Wing. The project incorporated BrooklynStat in conjunction with a personal collection analysis to examine the efficacy and equity of the Youth Wing’s World Language Collection. A sample size was collected and cataloged of all world language books to fill a GoogleSheet with information pertaining to the following categories; language, Title, Author, Publication Information, date the catalog entry was created, number of copies, genre, reading level, call number, additional languages, number of times checked out, number of times renewed, last check-in, last check-out, STAT category, format, item type, price, and any other additional comments. Each book within the World Languages sample, was individually scanned in Sierra for information on usage and general information on the material. The data was then compiled into a Google Sheet and coded for further analysis. In addition to the cataloged data from Sierra, the Google Sheet included data from Brooklyn Stat; a tool used by Brooklyn Public Library to identify patron demographics. The purpose of the Brooklyn Stat sheet was to find correlating information to the collection analysis. This data was used to address unanswered collection development questions and find potential solutions to knowledge and information gaps.

Brianna Stamm
Brianna Stamm is current MSLIS student, Graduate Assistant, and the President of Pratt's SAA chapter. She was the recipient of the 2022-2023 Brooklyn Public Library Fellowship and her project was conducted at this practicum site. Her interests include open access, translation, and dismantling language imperialism. She intends to continue examining and analyzing information gaps surrounding language, access, and educational barriers as a post-graduate and professional. As a current public school teacher she recognizes diverse populations and hopes to create equitable and reflective spaces.