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Mapping History Underfoot: A Methodology for Discovering Remnants of Ancient and Medieval Paris through Open Data and Spatial Data Analysis Tools

A research project in three parts, showing how the layering of multiple datasets over both the present-day map of Paris and selected historical maps can illuminate the timeline…

Preserving and Restoring LGBTQ+ Archive

  This panel will focus on the work from Pratt MSLIS students over the last two semesters, coming together in conversation to discuss their developments, challenges, outcomes, and…

Supporting Software Preservation @ NYPL

As the Pratt Digital Preservation & Archives Fellow at NYPL, I’ve been working with the Library’s Digital Archivist to address issues surrounding software preservation. This presentation will discuss such digital preservation tools as Wikidata, PRONOM, and Archivematica—and how they’ve been implemented toward the long-term preservation of a proprietary software and its associated file formats.

Individual Differences in Aesthetic Judgement of Website Interfaces

The poster will present a proposal for a research study that examines the relationship between individual differences (Need for Affect) and aesthetic judgements of website interfaces.

Culturally Responsive Library Practice

These projects are examples of librarians working to support their communities in ways that respond directly to the community needs.

Exploring Cultural Ownership Through Linked Open Data: A Study of the British Museum’s Egyptian Collection

Mock grant proposal to support the improvement of the British Museum’s existing provenance linked data for its collection of 100,000+ Egyptian-made cultural artifacts. The expansion of the British Museum’s provenance linked data will allow the museum’s collection to be more fully represented in linked data visualizations, while making visualizations of the artifacts themselves more comprehensive, improving scholars’ capacity to research the histories of these artifacts and those of the cultures that produced them.


STUDIOLO is a prototype studio management system meant to assist artists, their affiliated studios, and their estates in defining their legacy and oeuvre by documenting their careers. The…

The Semantic Lab: Local 496 Project and Batiste Project

The Local 496 Project transforms the American Federation of Music’s Local 496 union list into a semantic data network. This document is a 1940’s directory of the segregated African-American chapter of New Orleans jazz musicians. This project will highlight the Batiste family network, many of whom are listed in the directory.

Studio Database

The Database Development and Design course culminated in the design and implementation of a relational database of my own invention. Branching off my interest in the intersection of studio practice and information science, I realized a relational database that would serve the painting practice of my art studio. The project was approached in three phases including modeling, implementation, and querying.


Exploring Linked Open Data for Off-Off-Broadway

The Internet Infrastructure Map of Five Nations

The focus of this project is to visually represent the virtual path information on the internet must follow in order to complete a request. This way, every stop that information takes to get to and back from its destination is clear to the viewer. In clearly representing this, it will allow for people to understand the way that information travels in that process.

Lincoln Center: Understanding Audience Interactions & Engagements on Facebook

Information gathered from Lincoln Center’s Facebook Insights was used to identify their most successful posts. A strategy was then established to further boost popular content and promote visitor engagement.

Digital Pedagogy and the Future of Digital Scholarship Librarianship

This talk will describe digital scholarship librarians’ use of digital pedagogy and changes in the field that will affect these librarians’ practice.

Drug overdose rates in West Virginia

These visualizations show drug overdose deaths over time by West Virginia county, with particular consideration for areas that have implemented community programs to fight the problem and areas with high numbers of public service providers that might be able to develop these programs further.

Student Mentor Web Application: Final Project for LIS-638 Web Development

This project for Professor Monica Maceli’s LIS-638 Web Development course employed methods of web form handling, user authentication, the forms of normalization for relational databases, data security basics,…

Publishing Linked Open Data (LOD) at the Whitney

This presentation provides an technical overview of initiating Linked Open Data (LOD) in the Whitney Museum of American Art as part of the 2017-2018 LOD for Museums Fellowship.

Creating a Map on Carto

This video is part of my final project for Data Librarianship. It is the longer of two videos we had to create to demonstrate skills we learned in class. This video describes how to upload a dataset and create a simple map on Carto, a browser-based, freemium mapping platform.

Digital Personal Assistants: A Research Study

The panel will present the findings of two projects related to the adoption of the digital personal assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana. The findings pertaining to the technology adoption in public spaces, existing issues and requirements for the ideal digital assistants will be shared.

#Hashtags: Folksonomic Metadata, Social Media Paralanguage, Marketing Appropriation

Our research briefly examines the evolution of hashtags from an online organizational tool to a cultural phenomenon that serves a rhetorical function as a paralinguistic communication method. We include an analysis of the role of hashtags as image annotation metadata and as a framework for digital library taxonomies.