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Confronting Documentation of the US War on Terror

“Confronting Documentation of the US War on Terror” takes document summary metadata of US government documents from the ACLU Torture FOIA Database and re-presents it in an online slideshow to confront the viewer with aspects of the original documents that might not be immediately visible without that ACLU metadata. It highlights both the value of archival labor (collection-building & metadata) and the importance of public access to government information to work toward accountability.

Bronx River Trash Collection and Fecal Bacteria Analysis

Six students in Professor Sula’s Information Visualization class analyzed two datasets concerning the environmental quality of the Bronx River provided by the Bronx River Alliance (BxRA). A large-scale poster was created for the BxRA to display in their new headquarters.

“Alexa, Tell Me a Joke”: An Analysis of Humor-Based User Interactions with Intelligent Personal Assistants

This study examines humorous interactions with intelligent personal assistants (IPA/IPAs). The respective IPAs include Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Apple Siri. Many discussions of a wide-ranging review helped to define the goal to classify user utterances, IPA responses, and user ratings of IPA responses.

Usability Evaluation for the African Dream Academy

The African Dream Academy (ADA) is a Liberian non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide free access to quality education and healthcare services to Liberian children. Three student researchers from Pratt’s Usability Theory & Practice couse conducted a user test of the ADA website to identify any usability problems and provide recommendations to maximize donations.

Student Mentor Web Application: Final Project for LIS-638 Web Development

This project for Professor Monica Maceli’s LIS-638 Web Development course employed methods of web form handling, user authentication, the forms of normalization for relational databases, data security basics,…

A blueprint for Human Rights

Over the course of the semester student in LIS 619: Information and Human Rights, created a visual mapping of the ways in which information supports Human Rights. The presenters will describe the process and the outcome.

Homelessness in NYC: Designing for Code Blue

An in-depth research project on the experience of homelessness in NYC. Drawing on diaries, interviews, and co-designs, this project develops new ideas about how to address the dangers of Code Blue, when temperatures drop and homeless people are at their most vulnerable.

Digital Personal Assistants: A Research Study

The panel will present the findings of two projects related to the adoption of the digital personal assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana. The findings pertaining to the technology adoption in public spaces, existing issues and requirements for the ideal digital assistants will be shared.

‘Data-Driven Transparency’: Creation and Consequence of the Data-Public

“‘Data-Drive Transparency’: Creation and Consequence of the Data-Public” analyzes the impact open government data programs have on society. The paper discusses how open government data, despite being marketed as democratic transparency initiative, results in the formation of a ‘data-public’ and the ascendance of neoliberal politics.

Vulgus Design: Re-Imagining the MTA Transit Museum

A user-centered design story about re-designing the website of the MTA Transit Museum.