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WatsOnline at Watson: a Year at the Met’s library

We will be presenting on our fellowship at the Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art including projects we contributed to, lessons learned, and some…

Processing and Creating a Finding Aid for The Department of Photography Records at the Brooklyn Museum Archives

During my time as the Pratt Fellow in the Brooklyn Museum Archives I worked on processing and completing a finding aid for one of the most utilized collections that is currently also the most challenging to access. This collection comprises the bulk of the institution’s visual representation, the Department of Photography records [PHO]. As part of processing the collection, I had to extract information about the collection from Microsoft Access and migrate it to ArchivesSpace. My poster presentation will showcase some of my experiences while completing this project.

Exploring Cultural Ownership Through Linked Open Data: A Study of the British Museum’s Egyptian Collection

Mock grant proposal to support the improvement of the British Museum’s existing provenance linked data for its collection of 100,000+ Egyptian-made cultural artifacts. The expansion of the British Museum’s provenance linked data will allow the museum’s collection to be more fully represented in linked data visualizations, while making visualizations of the artifacts themselves more comprehensive, improving scholars’ capacity to research the histories of these artifacts and those of the cultures that produced them.

User Experience Research, Learner Experience Design, and the Future Public Art Museum

The integration of UX practices into art museum operations helps to develop visitor experiences, but art museums have great responsibility to the communities of learners local to them. Art museums can focus on their roles as educators by applying LX (learner experience design) for effective meaning-making.

MetKids Video Analytics

The project explores the differences between #MetKids videos on YouTube and on the MetKids website, thus to determine how #Metkids can balance brand awareness by bringing viewers to the website from YouTube, with an increase in views or engagement.

Politicizing Pepe and Preserving Probity: Visual Artists and Moral Rights Law in the United States

3D Scanning in Archives and Special Collections

This is a presentation on the uses of 3D Scanning to digitize and share objects from special collections and for cultural heritage. It will describe methods of 3D scanning and different ways to use the scans to digitize objects, connect with the public, share the objects with other institutions.

Conservation and Digitization of AMNH’s Letterpress Books

Over the past year, I have been working at AMNH library through the Pratt Fellowship program. I have learned much about digitization and digital curation. This process also involved the development of project management.

Kerry James Marshall: An Exhibit Guide

Exhibit guide to the Kerry James Marshall exhibit at the MET in Fall 2016

Cultural Galaxies: Linked Open Data in Museums

Our project considered the benefits and innovation linked open data has on museum collections. We reviewed how lod structures can be used to leverage and unite museum collections by examining how lod works, what museum projects utilize lod, and future possibilities.

Crowdsourcing in GLAMs

What is crowdsourcing and how does it apply to GLAMs (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums)? This poster explores the definition of crowdsourcing in cultural heritage institutions and the advantages and disadvantages of using crowdsourcing in these contexts.

DIY Linked Data For Cultural Heritage: Structuring useful data using pre-existing tools

This project reports the results of the first nine months of developing linked open data with a small selection of the Whitney’s collection, focusing on the artist and works added to the collection during the founding years (1931-1948) under its first director Juliana Force. It serves as a case study for other institutions interested in developing linked open data projects. This project also demonstrates several practical examples of how linked open data can be used for research and public outreach.

Born-Digital Archiving at the Guggenheim

This project was completed during a year long fellowship at the Guggenheim Library & Archives, where I processed a backlog of born-digital, institutional records. My poster will review the workflow we tested and activated, as well as suggestions for the next steps in processing.

Visual Literacy in Pre-K Curricula

Interviews were conducted to identify an art movement that 4-6 yr. old children felt most comfortable discussing. Children were introduced to basic visual literacy concepts in two images to gauge comprehension and improvement. Parents and educators were surveyed for interests in and challenges with integrating visual literacy into pre-k curriculum.

Web Archiving at the Frick Art Reference Library: Benefits of Working as a Team with NYARC

NYARC implemented a web archiving program to preserve born-digital art resources and develop a sustainable model for archiving dynamic, image-based web content. As IMLS grant-funded interns for web archiving, we spent two semesters at the Frick Art Reference Library working on various facets for capturing online art resources.

Library Collection Assessment: Korean Modern and Contemporary Art

This project explores library collection assessment tools and methodologies to locate institutions with the most comprehensive coverage of Korean modern art books in the US.. The process evaluates two collection-based electronic data mining methods and experiments with OCLC’s WorldCat FirstSearch as an assessment tool.

Precious Little Things: Miniatures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Research project and exhibition catalog utilizing collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 12 objects selected (including 2 rare books!) from different departments, miniatures as precious objects researched and explained, a catalog designed in InDesign, end product: digital book. Cited 175 annotated references, included descriptions for 17 items.

Art Documentation

Panel discussion exploring the current methodologies regarding the documentation, description, and management of artist records and their works of art in three distinct professional environments– working with a living artist, working in a foundation, and working in a museum setting.

Digital Media Preservation: Current & Emerging Trends

This video was created as if I were giving an academic job talk for a position at the University of North Texas Libraries. The topic I was assigned for my presentation was, “current and emerging trends in digital media preservation and how libraries have/can/should address these needs.”