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A Modern-Day Tammy Faye: Remediating Televangelism for Social Media

The intersection of evangelical Christianity and media technology has a storied history. In this paper, I analyze the relationship the two have had and how they continue to…

The Integrated Presence of Extremist Ideology on Social Media

This presentation explores the development and proliferation of extremist ideology on interconnected social media platforms. I analyze the structural differences between these platforms and how they enable different…

Anxiety & Young Instagram Users

When Facebook bought Instagram, it had only 30 million users. Now Instagram has 1billion monthly active users. The United States has 121m users on Instagram. Over 40 billion…

Take Me, Buy Me, Read Me, and Overheard Fans

Take Me, Buy Me, Read Me and Overheard Fans are two physical special collections created for a train-themed exhibit Commuting and Communing, the final project for the Museum…

The End of Term Harvest

Students collected social media website of the federal government for archiving prior to the 2012 presidential election. Lauren and Rachel will describe the project and the class contribution to the End of Term harvest, in collaboration with the Library of Congress, the Internet Archive and University of North Texas.

The Social Epistemology of Web 2.0: How Librarians Can Utilize its Tools to Engage Young Users

A paper tying the theory of social epistemology with the use of Web 2.0 tools in library environments, and how these tools can be used to enhance the social library experience amongst young users.

State Sponsored Social Media: the Role of Social Media in the Department of State’s Public Diplomacy Efforts

An examination of the U.S. Department of State’s online social media use to conduct outreach to foreign populations