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Pushing Past the Envelope: Visualizing the Mail-Art Network

Participatory, democratic, and unique,  Mail Art is exchanged via the postal service, and facilitates creative connections among artists across the world. This art form arose as a way…

Preserving Twine Games with Web Archiving Tools

My final project for Digital Preservation and Curation examined using accessible web archiving tools to preserve hypertext interactive fiction games made with the platform Twine. The project addresses preservation concerns for the Twine format, with an emphasis on Twine’s interactive components, and on capturing the “experience” of a web page.

Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal: Defining and Creating Digital Fashion Archives that are Sustainable, Informative and Engaging

Survey of 31 digital fashion archives/websites to access what the characteristics of an ideal fashion archive should include.  Results were narrowed down to 8 showcase institutions who were…

Design and Technology Aspects of the JDC Oral History Project

In this lightning talk, Olivia Mueller will discuss the design and technology work that went into creating the Oral History Project for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). The JDC is a worldwide humanitarian relief organization created during World War I to provide relief to Jewish communities in Europe. The JDC was instrumental during WWII in getting Jews out of Nazi-occupied Europe, and resettling Jews after the war through Displaced Persons Camps. In this class project, students worked to transform a collection of analog oral histories into a web-based digital archive. Olivia will focus most closely on the design and technology aspects.