Tag: Management and Leadership

Conservation and Digitization of AMNH’s Letterpress Books

Over the past year, I have been working at AMNH library through the Pratt Fellowship program. I have learned much about digitization and digital curation. This process also involved the development of project management.

Identity in LIS

Students from fall 2016’s Identity and Culturally Responsive Practice course will share findings from their scholarship on issues of race, class, and gender within the LIS field and our own SI community. Join us for a presentation and open discussion.

Generate New York 2017 Conference Panel Discussion

The seven participants of this panel, in addition to myself, attended this year’s Generate New York conference as a group. This trip was put together by UXPA@Pratt and was paid for by the GSEF Committee. We’ll be discussing some key takeaways and common themes from this year’s conference.

The Challenges of Local History Collection Management

This presentation will consider the integration of local history collections into traditional public institutions, examine some challenges and cases of developing this collection model for public libraries, and ultimately explore how public information professionals can prepare resources for the augmentation of their own collections.

How Libraries Lobby: Investigating Lobbying Practices in the Public Library

Recent scholarly work has advocated for the library to become a center for civic engagement, but has focused on providing unbiased information to the public rather than advocating for specific political viewpoints. This project argues that libraries must instead shift towards grassroots lobbying in order to effectively combat threatening legislation.

The Challenges of Managing Born-Digital Content in Activist Archives

Community groups and activists advocating for social and political change often create archives to preserve and define their own stories. This study is an overview of the unique challenges that non-traditional, independent archives face in the management of born-digital content, including a discussion of existing resources and collaborative solutions.

Password Security Lesson

Corina presented a lesson on creating safe passwords that would be suitable for public or academic libraries. This engaging lesson also raised several important questions related to information and digital literacy for adults, and the assumptions we make about safekeeping our digital lives.

Digital Media Preservation: Current & Emerging Trends

This video was created as if I were giving an academic job talk for a position at the University of North Texas Libraries. The topic I was assigned for my presentation was, “current and emerging trends in digital media preservation and how libraries have/can/should address these needs.”