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Libraries & Journalism: The Information Community

This LibGuide brings together journalism and librarianship under the umbrella of a unified “Information Community.” While there is precedent for collaborative action among these groups, this guide provides…

Decoding Picasso: Developing Visual Literacy in Children

Anthony and Kurt will report on a study that examined methods for engaging young children in visual literacy instruction. The study was conducted by LIS 630 (Research Design/Methods) students in collaboration with the Brooklyn Public Library.

Fantastically Normal: Casual Diversity in Teen Fantasy Media

Casual diversity is exactly what it sounds like: representing people from a wide array of backgrounds without making a big deal of it. It doesn’t erase the importance of…

Citation Lesson Plan for Stevens Institute

We created an instructional video on citation and plagiarism for students at Stevens Institute and built a library instruction lesson plan around it, focusing on famous cases of…

Instructional Videos in Library Settings

This session will explore several uses of video for instruction in library settings. Students in LIS 680 created a few varieties of instructional videos and reflected on both…

Peer Teaching in School Libraries

This lightning talk explains why peer learning is a powerful teaching tool in school libraries.

Information Interactions in Museums and Libraries

Despite their similarities, libraries and museums have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to user interaction and accessibility. In order to increase accessibility to their collections and thus increase the knowledge production potential of the information sources therein, the two types of institution need not only to learn from each other but also to collaborate. This presentation will explore the current state of library/museum collaboration and explore some directions for future work, including bringing collaboration between the two fields into the classroom at the graduate level.

Liberation for Learning: Demystifying Neutrality in the School Library Media Center

There is opportunity for the discussion to begin, as the role of the LMS changes with implementation of nationwide Common Core Standards. Once considered irrelevant to education, the LMS and the library are suddenly imperative to the transformations taking place in education due to these Standards.