These visualizations show drug overdose deaths over time by West Virginia county, with particular consideration for areas that have implemented community programs to fight the problem and areas with high numbers of public service providers that might be able to develop these programs further.

Choropleth map of percentage of deaths by drug overdose in WV, 2016

The opioid epidemic is a devastating crisis that is ravaging rural areas of the United States. West Virginia has been especially affected, having the highest rate of deaths caused by drug overdose in the United States in 2016. Despite seeming insurmountable, some individuals and programs are working toward methods of overdose prevention.

This dashboard consists of four visualizations that deal with the ongoing opioid crisis, with a focus on its effects in West Virginia. It examines the potential effect that community outreach programs are having on curbing drug overdose deaths as well as current rates of drug overdose deaths. The dashboard likewise considers the success of similar programs in certain California counties.