In the fall of 2017, Pratt Institute’s School of Information began a partnership with the New York Public Library in the form of a two-semester practicum-internship which supports a Pratt MSLIS student in gaining practical experience toward the archiving and long-term preservation of born-digital materials.

Read more about this fellowship at SpecialCollections.txt

This spring I worked with Digital Archivist Susan Malsbury, in the Archives Unit of Special Collections, to tackle issues surrounding software preservation.

There are several collections held by the Library for the Performing Arts at NYPL that contain unique file formats, which are dependent on their native software to be read, and whose preservation and access needs require special attention.

My project was centered around file formats produced by the proprietary Lightwright software. I conducted research and contributed to technical registries in support of the identification and preservation of these formats and their native software.

View presentation slides here.

Anne Boissonnault

Anne Boissonnault

Pratt Digital Archives & Preservation Fellow at New York Public Library
Anne Boissonnault

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