#InfoShow21 is the annual showcase and celebration of Pratt School of Information student work, and is part of Pratt Shows. #InfoShow21 is taking place on Thursday May 13, 2021 5:30-7:30pm ET, followed by the School of Information Awards Ceremony at 7:30pm.

To attend and receive the Zoom link via email, please RSVP at bit.ly/infoshow21_rsvp.

Technical note: We recommend you update your Zoom to the latest version. In order to choose your own breakout room, you are required to have Zoom version 5.3.0 or greater. Otherwise, the hosts will need to move you into your desired breakout room, which you can ask them to do at any time (the hosts are Anthony Cocciolo and Vinette Thomas).

Welcome – 5:30-5:40pm (Main Room)

Welcome remarks and orientation from President Frances Bronet and Dean Anthony Cocciolo.

Breakouts Part 1 – 5:40-6:40pm

Conceptualizing Archives (Breakout Room A)
Moderator: Dr. Cristina Pattuelli

Archiving for Artists: Practical and Conceptual Applications
Alex Austin

Web Basics Project: Alex’s art Book blog
Alex Austin

DIY Music Archives: A Response and Alternative to Mainstream Exclusivity
Sarah Cuk

Toward an Archival Continuum:  False Binaries and the Politics of Exclusion in Community Archives Research
Emma Volk

Topics in UX (Breakout Room B)
Moderator: Dr. Nancy Smith

Increasing the Accessibility of Bystander Intervention
Ji Hee Yoon

Research paradigms and philosophy
Kaige Zheng

Improving the User Experience at The Met
Vonetta R. DeVonish

Prachi Chhajed

Digital Archives (Breakout Room C)
Moderator: Dr. Debbie Rabina

From Appraisal to Museum-wide Discovery at the Guggenheim Museum Archives
Hilary Wang

Exploring Replay Integration of Web-Archived Art Resources in Digital Repositories
Jack Patterson

Analyzing optical media transfer at NYPL
Michelle Rothrock

Archiving Early LGBTQ Radio + Television
Julia Rosenzweig, Janis Inzillo and Eirini Melena Karoutsos

Information Visualization (Breakout Room D)
Moderator: Dr. Chris Alen Sula

Public Space & Public Housing in NYC Community Districts: A density study in development priorities
Gabrielle Belli

Modelling the Spread of COVID-19 in Cox’s Bazar Refugee Settlement
Shivani Ishwar

In Search Of Space
Raunak Jangid

The Four Types of Trump Voters
William Merrow

Libraries & LIS Education (Breakout Room E)
Moderator: Dr. Leanne Bowler

Participatory Budgeting Toolkit for Youth Delegates
Karen Wang

Cruising the Classroom: Contact and Desire in MLIS
Gretchen Alexander

Critical Reflections on Children’s Rights in relation to Collection Development
Allee Manning

Break 6:40 – 6:50pm

Breakouts Part 2  – 6:50-7:30pm

Museums & Data (Breakout Room A)
Moderator: Dr. Irene Lopatovska

Using Web Archives for Art Historical Research
Miranda Siler

Documenting Exhibitions: Working with Digital Assets at the Thomas J. Watson Library
Vella Voynova

Museum Experience with Data
Aimee Shi

Data & AI (Breakout Room B)
Moderator: Dr. Monica Maceli

Demystifying AI – Understanding Parallels in Artificial Intelligence & Neuroscience
Diedre Brown

Avery Jonas, Courtney Miller and Craig Nielsen

Museums, Archives & Information Organization (Breakout Room C)
Moderator: Dr. Elena Villaespesa

E.A.T. & LOD: Turning the E.A.T. Bibliography into Linked Data
Michelle Rothrock and Teresa Ferguson

Building a Vocabulary for the Index of African American Artists
Emily Schmidt

MoMA Archives Linked Open Data for Museums Fellowship presentation
Kate Nadel

Information Visualization Objects & Posters (Breakout Room D)
Moderator: Prof. Quinn Lai

An Analytical Dashboard for an Intersectional Issue: The Curriculum of Violence, Online
Gabrielle Belli

State Stars: Every Purple Flaw
Michael Kelly

An Alternate SCOTUS Portrait
Michael Kelly

Expressing Poverty and Race in Hudson Communities
Michael Kelly

A Tale of 12 Cities
Diane Ferrera

School of Information Awards Ceremony – 7:30pm (Main Room)

Thank you for attending. If you haven’t visited already, you can find more student work from School of Information students on the Pratt Shows website.

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