This project is an expansion of a data visualization created with Tableau Public. Starting with the first dashboard, the primary final output is a series of connected dashboards that constitute a data visualization framework. A topline view of the state of the research on online violence, the project focuses on gender dimensions of this intersectional issue.

In addition to the Tableau dashboards, the additional three outputs are: 21 accessible datasets properly cited and collated, formatted for easy manipulation and intended for circulation/research use; an accompanying report and analysis; and, a Zotero library that constitutes the collection of research used for this project as well as a literature review on online violence against women in politics.

The impetus behind this project is philosophical. The twin challenges of finding and/or collecting feminist data can at times be harrowing. I’m determined to alleviate some of that pressure by making dozens of datasets more accessible and modeling open access. A truly feminist act. This is what we mean when we say “do the work.”

During my presentation I will discuss the defining features of this project, as well as methods.

Gabrielle Belli
I'm a researcher, policy analyst and expert in intersectional feminist frameworks. As both a qualitative and quantitative researcher, the most enjoyable projects are those that involve surveys and questionnaires - I love designing questions that elicit insightful answers. I am a polymath with initiative and curiosity. I received my M.A. in International Affairs from The New School in 2016 and am pursuing my M.S. in Data Analytics and Visualization (DAV) from the Pratt School of Information, which I'm anticipating to complete in Spring 2022. My ultimate goals are to become a leader in feminist applications of DAV, and to empower women and LGBTQI+ activists through it. For most of the world, data is ubiquitous, yet latent. I want to make it kinetic energy for peace.
Gabrielle Belli