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How to Video_Perler Beads

ADA Compliance, Technology and Innovation for Accessibility in Libraries and Beyond

In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 21, an enlightening poster on ADA compliance, technology and innovations to provide equal access for people with disabilities in libraries and beyond.

Archiving Architectural and Design Photography: The Case of the Bill Maris Project

Students from Projects in Digital Archives will present their work on archiving and digitizing select portions of a photography collection spanning architecture and design from the 1970s. The photography was created by architectural photographer Bill Maris and donated to Pratt a few years ago, and features photography in several formats.

Web Archiving at the Frick Art Reference Library: Benefits of Working as a Team with NYARC

NYARC implemented a web archiving program to preserve born-digital art resources and develop a sustainable model for archiving dynamic, image-based web content. As IMLS grant-funded interns for web archiving, we spent two semesters at the Frick Art Reference Library working on various facets for capturing online art resources.

Designing a Better Information Experience for the Asia Society Museum

Details a multi-stage research and design project to help the Asia Society Museum better engage with its visitors. Components include new outreach and communication strategies, a re-designed entryway and check-in process, and a new interface for their touch-screen kiosk.

Benefits of Integrating Folksonomy Based Systems into the Public Library

This paper covers how different folksonomy based systems can be integrated into the public library to move towards Library 2.0. These programs can help show how the library is involved in the community. I also discuss how folkonomy can help patrons discover new books through discovery.

Expanding the Linked Jazz Universe

Highlighting contributions to the Linked Jazz project, including the creation of linked data from historical photo metadata and, more recently, performance history data from Carnegie Hall and online jazz discographies.

Website Re-design for the Institute of Jazz Studies

The Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University is “the world’s foremost jazz archive and research facility.” To help the IJS make its one-of-a-kind collection even more accessible, our group completed a user-centered redesign of the IJS site.

Using Forensic Tools in Born Digital Archiving

This paper examines the hardware and software tools (write blockers, kryoflux drive, AccessData, FTK) used in law enforcement for forensic analysis and how these tools have been adopted by archivists for born-digital archiving. It explores how these tools were used when NYPL acquired Timothy Leary’s estate which included over 375 floppy disks. The paper also briefly touches on some of the current challenges of archiving google docs, twitter feeds and emails.

DPLA Exhibit – American Aviatrixes: Women with Wings

The project is a digital exhibition created as part of the DPLA’s Digital Curation Program and part of Professor Rabina’s course “Information Services and Sources.” The exhibit explores courageous women who took to the skies to find freedom during the first half of the 20th century.

Library Leadership

This is a paper that I wrote about library leadership that describes the definition of leadership, qualities of a leader, goals of a leader, and the difference between a leader and a manager.

How Libraries Lobby: Investigating Lobbying Practices in the Public Library

Recent scholarly work has advocated for the library to become a center for civic engagement, but has focused on providing unbiased information to the public rather than advocating for specific political viewpoints. This project argues that libraries must instead shift towards grassroots lobbying in order to effectively combat threatening legislation.

Creating an Online Video Oral History Project: The Case of the Daughters of Bilitis Archivect

Abbey Bender will present the online digital archive for the Daughters of Bilitis (DOB) Oral History Project created by students in LIS 668. The DOB was the first women’s LGBT social and political organization in the United States.

Library Collection Assessment: Korean Modern and Contemporary Art

This project explores library collection assessment tools and methodologies to locate institutions with the most comprehensive coverage of Korean modern art books in the US.. The process evaluates two collection-based electronic data mining methods and experiments with OCLC’s WorldCat FirstSearch as an assessment tool.

The Challenges of Managing Born-Digital Content in Activist Archives

Community groups and activists advocating for social and political change often create archives to preserve and define their own stories. This study is an overview of the unique challenges that non-traditional, independent archives face in the management of born-digital content, including a discussion of existing resources and collaborative solutions.

Is Free Worth it? Evaluating Sustainability of Open Source Software for Libraries

How do librarians weigh the risks and rewards of switching to any Open Source Software (OSS), particularly those systems that run major library functions? The goal of this project was to research and review how business models for OSS companies, programming language, sponsorship, and type of Open Source license affect the sustainability of OSS projects. This is helpful to librarians in assessing the risks of adapting any OSS by comparing the needs of libraries with the overall Open Source marketplace.