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Grapevine: A Mobile Application for Women Who Are Actively Dating

“Proposal and design story for the creation of Grapevine – a mobile application for women who are actively dating. Based on extensive user research, the app to leverage’s the communication aspects within a woman’s core
group of friends about dating life. Further, the app includes a safety feature – group back-up – to ease a
woman’s fears of physical safety and let her concentrate on having fun.”

“Fake News”: A Rhetorical Analysis

This project analyzes the circulation of the term “fake news” as a rhetorical device, used to make political assertions about the truth of various stories and sources. These sources range from longstanding and popular news outlets to more recent news websites and social media. Across these sources, we examine the use and users of the term “fake news”, its frequency of use, and the sources and topics that are described as “fake news”.

Using Forensic Tools in Born Digital Archiving

This paper examines the hardware and software tools (write blockers, kryoflux drive, AccessData, FTK) used in law enforcement for forensic analysis and how these tools have been adopted by archivists for born-digital archiving. It explores how these tools were used when NYPL acquired Timothy Leary’s estate which included over 375 floppy disks. The paper also briefly touches on some of the current challenges of archiving google docs, twitter feeds and emails.

Library Collection Assessment: Korean Modern and Contemporary Art

This project explores library collection assessment tools and methodologies to locate institutions with the most comprehensive coverage of Korean modern art books in the US.. The process evaluates two collection-based electronic data mining methods and experiments with OCLC’s WorldCat FirstSearch as an assessment tool.

Is Free Worth it? Evaluating Sustainability of Open Source Software for Libraries

How do librarians weigh the risks and rewards of switching to any Open Source Software (OSS), particularly those systems that run major library functions? The goal of this project was to research and review how business models for OSS companies, programming language, sponsorship, and type of Open Source license affect the sustainability of OSS projects. This is helpful to librarians in assessing the risks of adapting any OSS by comparing the needs of libraries with the overall Open Source marketplace.

Grad Student Syncopation: Contributing to Linked Jazz

This poster highlights our research as student members of the Linked Jazz project, an ongoing exploration in applying Linked Open Data (LOD) technologies to cultural heritage materials. Research directions include the use of LOD for dataset enrichment in digital humanities research; creating RDF triples to describe image resource types; and mapping elements from various music and jazz databases to assign entities and properties from ontologies.

Brooklyn Connections Social Movements Documentary

This documentary was developed for Brooklyn Connections, an educational program that uses BPL’s local archive housed to create resources for schools. The documentary focuses on a few key pieces of ephemera from the Civil Rights Movement and challenges students to think critically about the events of that era and connect them to social conditions in Brooklyn today.

Precious Little Things: Miniatures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Research project and exhibition catalog utilizing collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 12 objects selected (including 2 rare books!) from different departments, miniatures as precious objects researched and explained, a catalog designed in InDesign, end product: digital book. Cited 175 annotated references, included descriptions for 17 items.

Book Evaluation: Descriptive Bibliography, The Hermit (1727)

The first English-language Robinsonade to achieve sales of any note, the Hermit (attributed to Peter Longueville, 1727), is explored in detail in this descriptive bibliographical report. A keystone of LIS practice in rare books, descriptive bibliography is, as Terry Belanger notes, “indispensable” (1977). The report will be presented in poster format, with high-resolution color illustrations.

RevolutioNYC – (Path)finding the American Revolution in New York City

Mobile digital information resources based in special collections! A WordPress-based pathfinder to the history of the American Revolution in New York City (1776-1783), exploring locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, etc., and utilizing resources from NYPL special and digital collections. I also created a Google map of important sites.

Open Access Network

Introduction to scholarly publishing situation and OAN methods

Embargoes and Overfishing: The Paper Trail

“How effective are embargoes?
How big of a global environmental problem is overfishing?

Two research projects try to answer these questions by examining legislative, parliamentary and legal sources by focusing on two case studies, one examines the trade embargo on Iran and the other examines overfishing in Somalia.”

Measuring Impact in the Age of Altmetrics

I will be presenting my academic blog post on the emergence of altmetrics as an alternative to traditional journal impact factor ((http://bit.ly/1O46zd5). I’ll address the arguments both for and against altmetrics and discuss my brief examination of the impact of one scholar’s research via traditional citation metrics versus via altmetrics.

Usability Test of Bronxville Public Library

This project evaluates the experiences of users navigating the official website of the Bronxville Public Library. A user testing study was developed and administered by four usability researchers to gather both quantitative and qualitative data and assess the experiential issues of website users.

Walking Tour of Congregation Shearith Israel’s Second Cemetery

Laura Cooper Brown – lbrow266@gmail.com Suzanne Lipkin – slipkin@pratt.edu Overview: Shearith Israel, founded in New York 1654, is North America’s first and oldest Jewish congregation.  This presentation will…

@WeReaders: A Case Study of the Use of Twitter in a Research Survey

WeReaders A Case Study of the Use of Twitter in a Research Survey ewillse   We tested Twitter as an instrument for recruiting participants and generating research data,…

The Donor Party

The Donor Party, www.thedonorparty.com, is a linked open data website created by Pratt SILS students in The Museum and the Network class. It contains a  home-made database and…

A Damsel Without Distress: The Role of Feminism in Barry Deutsch’s Hereville

A social commentary paper on the feminist nature of Barry Deutsch’s graphic novel series, Hereville. Explores the complex depictions of the female characters, weaving in their various impacts on the story’s heroine.