This map, made in Carto, is an exploration of the relationship between public space and public housing in NYC. By examining the area and frequency of these dynamics within Community Districts (CDs), I illustrate the stark differences in NYC’s realized development priorities, highlighting impact on a hyperlocal scale in novel ways.

Click here to explore the map on Carto.

See the accompanying report here.

My decision to focus on CDs represents a departure from my typical research focus. This project can be explained by the amalgamation of my personal experience as an NYC resident of seven years, and my professional ontology.

The main questions I asked in this experiment are as follows:

What is the relationship between publicly accessible spaces and community districts? Which CDs have the highest density of public housing?  Largest area of park space? What does a visual representation of public space and public housing reveal about New York City?

Gabrielle Belli
I'm a researcher, policy analyst and expert in intersectional feminist frameworks. As both a qualitative and quantitative researcher, the most enjoyable projects are those that involve surveys and questionnaires - I love designing questions that elicit insightful answers. I am a polymath with initiative and curiosity. I received my M.A. in International Affairs from The New School in 2016 and am pursuing my M.S. in Data Analytics and Visualization (DAV) from the Pratt School of Information, which I'm anticipating to complete in Spring 2022. My ultimate goals are to become a leader in feminist applications of DAV, and to empower women and LGBTQI+ activists through it. For most of the world, data is ubiquitous, yet latent. I want to make it kinetic energy for peace.
Gabrielle Belli