BVHShowcase (Powerpoint presentation)

BVHShowcase (Powerpoint slides in PDF Format)

Over the past semester, seven Pratt SILS students worked with Prof. Craig MacDonald to design and run a user experience evaluation of Brooklyn Visual Heritage, a website collecting digitized images from the Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn Public Library, and Brooklyn Museum.

Divided into two groups to design test procedures and recruit participants, we ultimately conducted eighteen usability studies.  Users were asked to search for images to test the search, metadata, labeling, organization, and presentation of BVH content, and to determine how pleasant using the site was, through both observation and questionnaires.

After sifting through our notes from these sessions, we listed every usability problem encountered during the studies. We sorted our findings using an affinity diagram, and grouped them into seven major areas where usability problems occurred. Each member further analyzed an issue and proposed actionable solutions.  Our findings and suggestions, both immediate and longer term, were presented to Project CHART members in April.