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Take Me, Buy Me, Read Me, and Overheard Fans

Take Me, Buy Me, Read Me and Overheard Fans are two physical special collections created for a train-themed exhibit Commuting and Communing, the final project for the Museum…

The Donor Party

The Donor Party, www.thedonorparty.com, is a linked open data website created by Pratt SILS students in The Museum and the Network class. It contains a  home-made database and…

Dutch Baroque Paintings at The Metropolitan Museum of Art: A Quantitative Assessment of a Collection

These visualizations are based on the metadata assigned to The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Dutch-painting collection. They are meant to facilitate trend detection and sense making with respect to the Museum’s acquisitions history and collection strengths in this fine-art area.

Warp and Weft: Weaving together American Textile Collections

Warp and Weft is a linked data website collecting textiles from the Met and Cooper-Hewitt. We will cover the stages of a LOD-LAM project, from the underlying data model, to converting records into RDF triples, and building the Drupal website.

Evaluating the User Experience of Brooklyn Visual Heritage

Working with Prof. Craig MacDonald, seven SILS students designed and conducted a user experience evaluation of the Brooklyn Visual Heritage website, presenting actionable suggestions to improve the site’s usability to the Project CHART team in April.

Information Interactions in Museums and Libraries

Despite their similarities, libraries and museums have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to user interaction and accessibility. In order to increase accessibility to their collections and thus increase the knowledge production potential of the information sources therein, the two types of institution need not only to learn from each other but also to collaborate. This presentation will explore the current state of library/museum collaboration and explore some directions for future work, including bringing collaboration between the two fields into the classroom at the graduate level.

Perspectives of Origin: A Geographic Encounter

Using exploratory methods of Linked and Open Data, “Perspectives of Origin: A Geographic Encounter” project seeks to display specific geographic origin information of cultural heritage objects from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Folksonomies & Social Tagging in Art Museums

Folksonomies allow a richer discovery experience for museum website and database users by mapping social tagging to curatorial vocabularies.