This project for Professor Monica Maceli’s LIS-638 Web Development course employed methods of web form handling, user authentication, the forms of normalization for relational databases, data security basics, and an understanding of internet architecture to develop a database-driven website for student mentors at Pratt Institute. This mentor site was designed to house self-reported skill, enrollment, availability, and contact information of any Pratt students who volunteer to share their skills with other students within the Institute. From the coding side, SQL was used for the database construction and PHP, CSS, and HTML were used to build the web pages.

My #infoshow18 presentation consists of a brief overview of my web development process, including the site map, entity relationship diagram of the database, user research, overview of programming languages and tools used, and discussion of data security. This presentation is followed by a walkthrough of the current version of my website and concludes with a discussion of next steps, including new features and a focus on UX redesign.






Matt Bishop
Data Analytics & Visualization Student