What is in a name? Why do we need naming conventions in the first place? A naming convention is one of those things that people take for granted. After all you can search for files by typing a name in a search bar, but what if suddenly instead of one file you had ten files with the same name? What if all the budgets are named “budget” and you have a meeting with the director in five minutes?  Having a naming convention minimizes the amount of time we spent searching for files, it also reduces confusion and allows for easy sharing of documents. Furthermore naming conventions are necessary to prevent data corruption when transferring information across different systems. In today’s digital environment libraries are storing their vast amount of documents in shared drives. In this presentation I will share my experience creating a folder structure and file naming convention for Lehman College’s Leonard Lief Library SharePoint drive. I will address the process and the challenges of creating naming conventions and the reasons why conventions can be beneficial for academic libraries.

Link to presentation: http://prezi.com/vh0yzcptz6zk/untitled-prezi/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy