Digital archives systems often swap information encoded as XML. lxml is a Python library that can be combined with other tools to design sophisticated transformations that save time and decrease errors in many digital archives workflows.

This presentation will give an introduction to the lxml library, using my work as the Digital Archives Fellow at the New York Public Library this year as a case study. At NYPL, we created a command line tool that uses lxml to facilitate the transfer of information from the Forensic ToolKit to ArchivesSpace. 

I recommend some background knowledge of Python and computer programming for this presentation, although I will strive to make it as accessible as possible.


Jack OMalley
I am a digital archivist and digital collections librarian who has worked in the cultural heritage field since 2017. I am graduating with my MSLIS from Pratt this May. My other interests include digital humanities, poetry and visual art, and environmental justice.
Jack OMalley

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