Archives store, maintain and organize a variety of primary sources, which can range from letters to audiovisual recordings along with any primary documentation in-between. Archiving cemeteries offer an opportunity to obtain and store data that is relevant to its community and is a source of genealogical history. Records reflect not only the business of a cemetery or funeral home, but also the history of the community and those that are interred. Cemetery records and archives may range from the purchase of lots to photograph documentation of headstone erosion or damage. Recently there has been a renewed interest local history and family genealogy, however, not all cemeteries and graveyards have the ability or capability to maintain their own archival section. I will examine several issues that provide unique challenges to cemetery archives along with specific methods that a few local cemeteries within New York City (Trinity Church, Green-Wood, and Maple Grove) currently utilize to maintain their records. Additionally, I will discuss the relevancy of these records within a community at large and how it affects the archivists