Human-Computer Interaction for Visually Impaired Users

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) deals with methodologies for building design solutions. HCI focuses on developing a deep understanding of users and their needs. It is important to design products…

Individual Differences in Aesthetic Judgement of Website Interfaces

The poster will present a proposal for a research study that examines the relationship between individual differences (Need for Affect) and aesthetic judgements of website interfaces.

Re-Designing the CUNY Graduate Center Library Website

Working directly with the CUNY Graduate Center Library, a team of 4 students conducted extensive user research to develop and test the information architecture and iteratively design a responsive high-fidelity prototype of the library’s website.

Visitors at the Museo Reina Sofia

User Experience Research, Learner Experience Design, and the Future Public Art Museum

The integration of UX practices into art museum operations helps to develop visitor experiences, but art museums have great responsibility to the communities of learners local to them. Art museums can focus on their roles as educators by applying LX (learner experience design) for effective meaning-making.

Homelessness in NYC: Designing for Code Blue

An in-depth research project on the experience of homelessness in NYC. Drawing on diaries, interviews, and co-designs, this project develops new ideas about how to address the dangers of Code Blue, when temperatures drop and homeless people are at their most vulnerable.

NYC Public Restroom Research

A semester-long research project to understand the issues around public restrooms in NYC. The project includes exploratory ethnographic research, a co-design for new ideas, and research to try out the new concepts.

Sprout: A Utility Mobile Application to Help New Mothers Track Babies’ Activity and Growth

Sprout is a utility application to help new mothers track important parts of their babies activity.

Beacon Calendar: Design and Research

A digital prototype that helps you break up time into the right segments so you can keep track of a varying schedule and make sure you get where you need to go on time.

Generate New York 2017 Conference Panel Discussion

The seven participants of this panel, in addition to myself, attended this year’s Generate New York conference as a group. This trip was put together by UXPA@Pratt and was paid for by the GSEF Committee. We’ll be discussing some key takeaways and common themes from this year’s conference.

Grapevine: A Mobile Application for Women Who Are Actively Dating

“Proposal and design story for the creation of Grapevine – a mobile application for women who are actively dating. Based on extensive user research, the app to leverage’s the communication aspects within a woman’s core
group of friends about dating life. Further, the app includes a safety feature – group back-up – to ease a
woman’s fears of physical safety and let her concentrate on having fun.”

Responsive Re-design of the Voorheesville Public Library Website

A full user-centered re-design of the Voorheesville Public Library website, starting from user research and persona development through card sorting and tree testing the information architecture and finishing at a responsive digital prototype.