A Descriptive Bibliography: Panorganon, Or A Universal Instrument

A descriptive bibliography of William Leybourn’s 1672 book Panorganon; Or A Universal Instrument. Evaluating the book’s physical makeup, creators, condition, and history.

Issues in Cataloging Rare Books

Rare book cataloging backlogs create an uneven level of access. I argue it causes problems for physical and digitized collections. Past literature and methods developed to reduce the backlog are discussed.

Precious Little Things: Miniatures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Research project and exhibition catalog utilizing collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 12 objects selected (including 2 rare books!) from different departments, miniatures as precious objects researched and explained, a catalog designed in InDesign, end product: digital book. Cited 175 annotated references, included descriptions for 17 items.

Book Evaluation: Descriptive Bibliography, The Hermit (1727)

The first English-language Robinsonade to achieve sales of any note, the Hermit (attributed to Peter Longueville, 1727), is explored in detail in this descriptive bibliographical report. A keystone of LIS practice in rare books, descriptive bibliography is, as Terry Belanger notes, “indispensable” (1977). The report will be presented in poster format, with high-resolution color illustrations.

Digital Exhibition of Armenian Books

My project is a short Google Presentation of a digital exhibition I created showcasing Armenian books, both manuscript and printed, found in special collections in New York City….

Linked Incunables

Linked Incunables

Linked Incunables is a scholarly tool that provides geospatial referencing for works from the incunabular period (ca. 1455-1501) of early European printing by converting catalog information from the New York Public Library’s Rare Book Division into linked data format.