Author: Megan De Armond

Usability Outside the Classroom: Insights from Usability Consulting Projects

Students from this semester’s “Usability Theory & Practice” course present highlights from three client-facing usability projects – for Columbia Libraries, Pratt SAVI, and the NYC Open Data Portal – and reflect on lessons learned from their experience, from communicating with the client about the project’s scope to presenting their final analysis and recommendations directly to the client via a face-to-face presentation.

Web Archiving NYARC Fellowship

For the past two semesters, we have been working as NYARC interns located at the Frick doing web archiving of various types of sites (galleries, museums, catalogue raisonnes). We would like to share about the processing of web archiving using Archive-It as well as other new technologies such as Rhizome’s web recorder.

Artists’ Books Holdings

Our project, Artists’ Books Holdings, is an attempt to analyze and visualize data about artists’ books holdings on an international scale. This project is a work in progress created in LIS 644- Programming for cultural heritage. It illustrates our ability to work with data in a programmatic manner and create visualizations that represent data in a more human readable manner.

Using Forensic Tools in Born Digital Archiving

This paper examines the hardware and software tools (write blockers, kryoflux drive, AccessData, FTK) used in law enforcement for forensic analysis and how these tools have been adopted by archivists for born-digital archiving. It explores how these tools were used when NYPL acquired Timothy Leary’s estate which included over 375 floppy disks. The paper also briefly touches on some of the current challenges of archiving google docs, twitter feeds and emails.

DPLA Exhibit – American Aviatrixes: Women with Wings

The project is a digital exhibition created as part of the DPLA’s Digital Curation Program and part of Professor Rabina’s course “Information Services and Sources.” The exhibit explores courageous women who took to the skies to find freedom during the first half of the 20th century.