Author: csula

Sprout: A Utility Mobile Application to Help New Mothers Track Babies’ Activity and Growth

Sprout is a utility application to help new mothers track important parts of their babies activity.

Responsive Re-design of the Voorheesville Public Library Website

A full user-centered re-design of the Voorheesville Public Library website, starting from user research and persona development through card sorting and tree testing the information architecture and finishing at a responsive digital prototype.

Influence Network of Literary Authors

The selection of authors in the network is made up of fiction and poetry writers of various subdivisions. The Network of Literary Authors is derived from curated SPARQL queries for ‘influenced/influenced by’ DBpedia properties and shows color groupings representing only 19 communities based on influence connections between nearly 1000 authors.

2012 SILS Showcase

View the program brochure from our second #infoshow (called the SILS Showcase) from 2012.

2011 SILS Showcase

View the program brochure for our first #infoshow (then called the SILS Showcase) from 2011.