LibGuides Best Practices - Alcohol Dependency-Women’s Reproductive Rights

This presentation examines the best practices when creating LibGuides, in particular those directed at specific communities and classes. These guidelines are demonstrated through the work of Dr. Rabina’s Spring 2016 LIS 625-01 Information Services and Resources class. As students working in groups, we created LibGuides aimed either at the treatment of alcoholism in a particular geographic area or a classroom assignment on women’s reproductive rights. In creating our guides, we considered many of the best practices outlined by different authorities, especially Yale University’s guidelines and those reviewed in our coursework. By using our classmates’ LibGuides as examples, we show how one must focus on the intended audience, and write clearly for fast and easy comprehension. In doing this, one must also make the site accessible for all, like using translation widgets or providing captions for videos. There should also be a variety of media that appeals to users to create an appealing LibGuide. Presentation includes original video content by students and examples of LibGuides created by students.This presentation also will provide a brief introduction to LibGuides.

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Alison Cole
Timothy Gann
LIS 652/Spring 2016
Dr. Deborah Rabina



LibGuides are used to provide a clear, comprehensive amount of information on a particular subject aimed at a specific audience. Using examples taken from the Spring 2016 LIS 625-01 Information Services and Resources class, we explore the best practices when creating LibGuides.