General Tips: The 10 most common presentation mistakes

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are 3 minutes in length (groups will also have max 3 minutes, so please plan accordingly). This time frame is strictly enforced.

10 Hints for Improving Presentations for the Three Minute Thesis Competition

Posters (print and digital)

We encourage poster authors to stand by their poster during the #infoshow whenever they are not in another session. All poster presenters must stand with their poster during official poster sessions. Please submit posters in PDF format, as high quality as possible.

How to design an award-winning conference poster


Presentations may be up to 15 minutes; time is strictly enforced. After each presentation, there are two minutes for discussion. Presenters may use slides; please plan to load your slides prior to the beginning of the #infoshow or share them with the #infoshow organizers. You may use part of your presentation time to access slides.

Tips for successful academic paper presentations
presentation on presentations from Utah State University
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