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Librarians of Tomorrow: SI Students Connecting with Teen Interns at the Brooklyn Public Library.

This presentation will describe the two workshops (on data literacy and zines) that were facilitated as part of Brooklyn Public Library’s Librarians of Tomorrow teen internship program. Content will include information on the program, the workshop planning and implementation process, and evaluation material we received from project participants.

Fantastically Normal: Casual Diversity in Teen Fantasy Media

Casual diversity is exactly what it sounds like: representing people from a wide array of backgrounds without making a big deal of it. It doesn’t erase the importance of…

Why Feminism Still Matters (Graphic Novel)

For our final project we were asked to create a 5-8 page comic book with educational aims. I chose to focus on the 3rd Wave of Feminism, or…

The Social Epistemology of Web 2.0: How Librarians Can Utilize its Tools to Engage Young Users

A paper tying the theory of social epistemology with the use of Web 2.0 tools in library environments, and how these tools can be used to enhance the social library experience amongst young users.