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ADA Compliance, Technology and Innovation for Accessibility in Libraries and Beyond

In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 21, an enlightening poster on ADA compliance, technology and innovations to provide equal access for people with disabilities in libraries and beyond.

How Libraries Lobby: Investigating Lobbying Practices in the Public Library

Recent scholarly work has advocated for the library to become a center for civic engagement, but has focused on providing unbiased information to the public rather than advocating for specific political viewpoints. This project argues that libraries must instead shift towards grassroots lobbying in order to effectively combat threatening legislation.

Issues Between Copyright, Technology and the Visual Arts

In this digital era, the US Copyright office is not keeping up with technological development, which is keeping it from protecting the copyright of artists. They are the tortoise to technology’s hare, who keeps moving the finish line further ahead on the track. As technology alters our society and how we define visual art, how will visual artists control their copyright?

Homelessness and the Ethics of Information Access

This presentation addresses the question of access to the library by people experiencing homelessness from an intellectual freedom/equitable access perspective. Rather than providing legal advice or policy prescriptions, I look at this from an ethical perspective and explore whether it is ever justified to block someone’s access to information.

Fair Use in the Digital Age

This project investigates Fair Use as an exception of U.S. copyright law. The posters explain the importance fair use doctrine, and analyze the “four factors” of fair use with examples in the field. It also presents fair use court cases, and invites viewers to express their judgment on the cases.

Sharing the Data: the Global Information Infrastructure of Meteorology

This research paper discusses the data policies of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) and analyzes their impact within the larger weather community. Special attention is paid to their respective data centers, and how the data policies encourage or discourage access, reuse, and preservation of the data.

Cyborg Anthropology

My power point was driven to show the future of libraries in the lens of cyborg anthropology. It focuses on Amanda Yoder’s brilliant article The Cyborg Librarian as…