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The Bracero program: A program of Injustice Seeding the Roots of Latino Activism

The relationship between the United States and Mexico has always been a complicated and tumultuous one concerning land, people, and culture. Many parts of the United States that we know as the west coast and southwest today, at one point used to belong to Mexico. Today, it seems very few people seem to realize this. One of the domestic issues in politics today regards immigration and border patrol around Mexico. However, Mexican immigration to the United States is a more recent phenomenon from the last twenty years. The fact of the matter is that certain parts of the United States were Mexico at some point, and a lot of the people who were living in those territories were already Mexican people. In many ways, the story of the Mexican worker in the west coast is parallel to other stories of imperialism, however, the story of Mexican workers, in particular the bracero program seems to be a forgotten chapter in the history of the United States.