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#infoshow17 Program Booklet

Please find the infoshow17 brochure here.

Making Available DykeTV – A Collaboration with the Lesbian Herstory Archives

In this presentation, students from the course LIS 668 Projects in Moving Image and Sound Archives present their work in digitizing, curating and making available to the public the public-access television program DykeTV. The collection is housed at the Lesbian Herstory Archives and was reformatted from aging analog U-Matic video.

Generate New York 2017 Conference Panel Discussion

The seven participants of this panel, in addition to myself, attended this year’s Generate New York conference as a group. This trip was put together by UXPA@Pratt and was paid for by the GSEF Committee. We’ll be discussing some key takeaways and common themes from this year’s conference.

Beacon Calendar: Design and Research

A digital prototype that helps you break up time into the right segments so you can keep track of a varying schedule and make sure you get where you need to go on time.

Sprout: A Utility Mobile Application to Help New Mothers Track Babies’ Activity and Growth

Sprout is a utility application to help new mothers track important parts of their babies activity.

Building a 21st Century Public Library: Trends in U.S. Public Library Architecture 2004-2017

Let’s build a public library for the 21st century. Traditionally, the library has been a space for books, but the advent of new media, e-resources, and patrons’ desire for other services requires the library and architecture fields to consider how to design spaces that create a sense of community.

Marginalization in the Dewey Decimal Classification System

This project explores the ways in which the DDCS fails to represent and/or support marginalized groups. The project explores issues with DDC and these communities through three factors: historical context, access, and authority/agency.

Identity in LIS

Students from fall 2016’s Identity and Culturally Responsive Practice course will share findings from their scholarship on issues of race, class, and gender within the LIS field and our own SI community. Join us for a presentation and open discussion.

Documenting the Document: Visualizing Connections Among the Snowden NSA Papers

This network study visualizes every available document from the Snowden Document Search, a collaborative online repository between Courage Foundation and Transparency Toolkit, and the extent to which its content shares geopolitical connections with other documents.

Decoding Picasso: Developing Visual Literacy in Children

Anthony and Kurt will report on a study that examined methods for engaging young children in visual literacy instruction. The study was conducted by LIS 630 (Research Design/Methods) students in collaboration with the Brooklyn Public Library.

Conservation and Digitization of AMNH’s Letterpress Books

Over the past year, I have been working at AMNH library through the Pratt Fellowship program. I have learned much about digitization and digital curation. This process also involved the development of project management.

Protest at Pratt: Building the Exhibition

In the spring of 1969, Pratt Institute erupted in protest.

Students, faculty, workers, and members of the community joined together and forced the school to shut down to address issues of civil rights, neighborhood gentrification, and other social and political concerns.

This presentation discusses an exhibition currently on display on the 6th floor that makes use of archival records documenting this turbulent period.

Digitizing Civil Rights in Brooklyn: A Collaborative Project with the Brooklyn Public Library

Projects in Digital Archives students present on a collaborative project with the Brooklyn Public Library to digitize audio interviews from the Civil Rights in Brooklyn Project. The interviews include interviews with notable civil rights activists from the Brooklyn chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE).

Documenting Pratt Institute School of Information through Archival Records

In this presentation, students in LIS 625 Management of Archives & Special Collections will present on their work of processing the records of Pratt Institute School of Information and creating a DACS/EAD compatible finding aid using the tool AtoM (Access to Memory).

Breaking Barriers: An exhibition on race and libraries

Students from LIS 625 Management of Archives & Special Collections will present their work to create the exhibition “BREAKING BARRIERS,” which sheds light on a pivotal period in Pratt Library School’s history, featuring the experiences of 1943 alumna who changed the face of the school forever.

The role of libraries within prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities

This paper will provide an overview of the current state of libraries within jails, prisons, and youth facilities: their policies, the programs they run, and their impact on incarcerated individuals. By examining collection development, patron privacy, prison law libraries, reference services, the school-to-prison pipeline, literacy programs for youth, and technology and information literacy, I hope to show the range and breadth of what prison libraries seek to accomplish.

Fantastically Normal: Casual Diversity in Teen Fantasy Media

Casual diversity is exactly what it sounds like: representing people from a wide array of backgrounds without making a big deal of it. It doesn’t erase the importance of…

The Targeted Destruction of Libraries, Archives, and Museums During Wartime

This paper examines incidents occurring in the 20th century onward, with particular focus, though not exclusively, on the destruction of cultural heritage institutions and sites during World War II, the breakup of Yugoslavia and subsequent civil wars, and the current conflicts in Iraq and Syria. Through these examples, I intend to discuss various preventive measures employed in the face of different situations, evaluate and compare the successes and failures in each instance, and suggest ways that further destruction can be avoided.

Reference Services to Incarcerated People

This panel presentation describes a service-learning partnership with the New York Public Library’s Correctional Services Department, answering reference questions mailed from people incarcerated not only in New York City and State prisons and jails but also in prisons and jails across the country.