Author: tali

Web Archiving at the Frick Art Reference Library: Benefits of Working as a Team with NYARC

NYARC implemented a web archiving program to preserve born-digital art resources and develop a sustainable model for archiving dynamic, image-based web content. As IMLS grant-funded interns for web archiving, we spent two semesters at the Frick Art Reference Library working on various facets for capturing online art resources.

Library Collection Assessment: Korean Modern and Contemporary Art

This project explores library collection assessment tools and methodologies to locate institutions with the most comprehensive coverage of Korean modern art books in the US.. The process evaluates two collection-based electronic data mining methods and experiments with OCLC’s WorldCat FirstSearch as an assessment tool.

Enriching the Jews in America Portal: A Metadata Harvesting Project

Showcase Projects in Digital Archives (LIS 655-01) Presentation Student Names: Tali Chiyong Han, Eleanor Meyer, Genna Sarnak Title: Enriching the Jews in America Portal: A Metadata Harvesting Project Abstract: In…

Augmented Reality in the Library

Augmented reality is a ‘location-aware,’ emerging technology comprising of a digital overlay of computer-generated imagery within the real-world environment. Allowing for instant access and direct interaction through the…

Issues of Academic Publishing and Corporate Database Vendors and Commercial Publishers

The growth of online publishing is intended to accelerate academic research, yet corporate business models of database vendors and publishers are hindering the proliferation of scholarship. This presentation explores recent conflicts with attention to actions and positions of the academic community.