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Making Auction Catalogs Discoverable

Auction catalogs hold in them authoritative records of public sales of various collectible items, including art, antiquities, decor, furnishings, and anything people have ever collected over time. While…

Four Corners Design: Huntington Historical Society Website Redesign

An overview of the various user-centered steps in the journey to redesign the website of the Huntington Historical Society. By combining design principles, many stages of user testing, and analysis of user data, Four Corners Design produced a new information architecture for the Huntington Historical Society website and a design prototype.

The People v. Edward Snowden

The People v. Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden announced he will return to the United States to stand trial if the US government guarantees him a fair trial that will allow him to make a public interest defense.

LIS 611 Information Policies and Politics, will give him one.
Please join us at the #infoshow as we let the jury decide:

Judge: Briana Moore
Edward Snowden: Kolbe Resnick
For the Prosecution: Elizabeth Frank ; William Hagenah ; Coral Salomon ; Michele Drohan
For the Defense: Maryanne Hall ; Laura Childs ; Carmen Irabien ; Allison Nellis
Expert witness for the defence representing NSWBC: Laurin Paradise
Expert witness for the prosecution representing NSA: Debbie Rabina
Court recorders and Jury: Nataya Culler ; Mia Bruner ; Samantha Levin ; Katherine Martinez
With votes for the audience

Issues Between Copyright, Technology and the Visual Arts

In this digital era, the US Copyright office is not keeping up with technological development, which is keeping it from protecting the copyright of artists. They are the tortoise to technology’s hare, who keeps moving the finish line further ahead on the track. As technology alters our society and how we define visual art, how will visual artists control their copyright?