Author: kcha336

I am an IxD student currently finishing up the first semester at Pratt. I am interested in understanding people, and how technology can make people's experience better.

Physical Computing Showcase

View the work from students in INFO 697 Physical Computing and Rapid Prototyping taught by Profs. Monica Maceli and Basem Aly.

Digital Journal for Underserved User Group in Mental Health

A digital journal app designed for black males in the low- income neighborhood as a solution to help with their mental wellbeing. This project aims to bring awareness to design for underserved user groups, and more than often, designing for an underserved groups solves a problem a broader user group experiences.

Why Improve is for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) struggle with reading emotional cues, communicating with verbal (eg. repetitive language that seem to be irrelevant to a conversation) and non-verbal languages (eg. making eye contact). This poster presents four ways in which improv classes can effectively help children with ASD learn these communication skills through exercises that involve understanding others’ emotions, engaging in the scene’s context and others’ responses, and encountering failures on stage.

Re-Designing the CUNY Graduate Center Library Website

Working directly with the CUNY Graduate Center Library, a team of 4 students conducted extensive user research to develop and test the information architecture and iteratively design a responsive high-fidelity prototype of the library’s website.