Author: Isabella Deocariza

Isabella Deocariza is a second-year MS Information Experience Design candidate. Passionate about art and inclusion, she believes that everyone deserves impactful experiences from our cultural institutions. Her background is in art history, marketing, and graphic design.

Physical Computing Showcase

View the work from students in INFO 697 Physical Computing and Rapid Prototyping taught by Profs. Monica Maceli and Basem Aly.

Learning Experience and the Social Crafting of Self

This project examines the emotional climate and self-perceived job-readiness of students enrolled in Pratt SI Information Experience Design courses. Through mixed-method research and analysis, an initial workshop model to improve student experience based on these findings is proposed for testing.

Funding for State Arts Agencies over Time

Americans value the arts now as much as ever, citing that arts empower our communities and enrich our lives. This project examines state arts agency funding in terms of state-level impact over fifty years (1970—2017).

User Experience Research, Learner Experience Design, and the Future Public Art Museum

The integration of UX practices into art museum operations helps to develop visitor experiences, but art museums have great responsibility to the communities of learners local to them. Art museums can focus on their roles as educators by applying LX (learner experience design) for effective meaning-making.