Author: aausti50

Descriptive Imagery in Visualization

Introduction Descriptive Imagery in Visualization The imagery that is presented in information visualizations has a significant impact on our understanding of the subject matter, and thus the creators…

Archiving for Artists: Practical and Conceptual Applications

Through this paper/presentation, I identify the risks to artists that unorganized, non-archival studio practices pose, I describe the basic principles and practices of archiving and of personal archiving, and I argue that through applying archival principles to their studio practices, artists can improve the searchability and longevity of their work. I contend that a purposeful implementation of archival practices is worth the artist’s time and interest. Concluding with an examination of the ways in which the archival impulse enters the conceptual realm of artmaking, I round out a comprehensive examination of the impact that a knowledge of archival principles and theory can have on an artist’s practice.

Web Basics Project: Alex’s Art Book Blog

“Alex’s Art Book Blog” is a website that allows users to explore the contents of my bookshelves by clicking on shelves and reading the titles and publication information inside. This website is a result of a class assignment designed to teach students how to create a website from scratch using HTML and CSS.