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British Women Writers Network

From Harold Bloom’s The Anxiety of Influence[1]: Weaker talents idealize; figures of capable imagination appropriate for themselves. But nothing is got for nothing, and self-appropriation involves the immense anxieties of indebtedness, for what strong maker desires the realization that [she] has failed to create [herself]?   From Shared Experience’s Mary Shelley: She goes to stand before the portrait, and stares…

On the Complexities of Digitization (NYU Event)

On 17 November 2015 I attended “Digitization: What is Lost and What is Found?” at New York University.  The event was a conference style panel moderated by Marion Thain (Associate Director of Digital Humanities, Faculty of Arts and Science) and featuring Sebastian Heath (Clinical Assistant Professor of Ancient Studies, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World), W. Gerald Heverly…

Teaching the Humanities as a Survival Skill: Session Two in the workshop series The University Worth Fighting For

On October 22, the CUNY Graduate Center held The Futures Initiative workshop titled Teaching the Humanities as a Survival Skill (#fight4edu). This was the second in the workshop series The University Worth Fighting For. These workshops discuss and explore student-centered and engaging pedagogical practices and their relationship or links to various social injustice issues, such as race, equality and gender.…