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Machine Learning: A Primer: A DH Review

Machine Learning: A Primer Speaker: Achim Koh CUNY Graduate Center Today, many critics push to make our algorithmic world transparent, to remove the cover on “black box” machines and expose and deconstruct the systems by which these computers run. The scope of this feat, itself, appears daunting, algorithms lain in dense webs and expressed in arcane and protected jargon, yet…

Were Terry Pratchett’s Final Works Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease?: An Analysis into Vocabulary Trends within the Discworld Series, Post Diagnosis

INTRODUCTION Regardless of type or style, writers cannot help but put themselves on the page, and so none of their biographies would seem complete without drawing attention to their subjects’ craft directly. By the extension of this thought, what could we learn about ourselves if we took all of what we have written down and stored both online and offline…

Open Source, Web-Based Teaching and the Digital Humanities: “Critical Approaches to Teaching With Web-based Technologies,” Workshop Provided by CUNY Teaching & Learning Center

EVENT IN BRIEF The workshop “Critical Approaches to Teaching With Web-based Technologies,” run by Andrew G. McKinney of the CUNY Graduate Center’s Teaching & Learning Center, centered around the exploration and implementation of non-proprietary, web technologies for educational purposes. We discussed important technologies, resources, and concepts such as WordPress, blogs, digital assignment hybridization, educational crowdsourcing, and online community engagement, as well…