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Author: mgiorda3

Textual Analysis and Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are an intrinsic part of the Western cultural narrative. As such, their stories are ever evolving, reflecting the mores and historical and sociological context of their time. The fairy tales of today—heavily influenced by Disney’s adaptations—were built on previous generations’ versions, which developed out of previous versions, and so on. They have been retold first through oral storytelling,…

“Specialization and Diversity in Dutch and Flemish Printmaking,” a lecture by Matthew Lincoln, The Frick Collection, April 7, 2016

In his lecture “Specialization and Diversity in Dutch and Flemish Printmaking: A Computational Approach,” PhD candidate Matthew Lincoln explored two separate but related questions pertaining to sixteenth- and seventeenth-century  Dutch and Flemish printmaking and painting. As part of the Frick Collection’s Digital Art History Lab lecture series, both parts of the lecture addressed how the study of art history can…