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Author: Danielle Brena

I'm a first semester student at the SILS program at Pratt Institute going for my MLIS. I received my undergrad from City College of New York with a BA in English Literature, where I developed a love of learning. Since going to school is not a real job, I discovered that the LAMs field can offer the same reward of obtaining knowledge as being a student does. I'm looking forward to what I will learn here at Pratt and am excited to get where I am going, which is hopefully a career in the academic library field (ideally working with a special library regarding Latin American/Caribbean studies).

Omeka/Neatline Skillshare

[youtube] This instructional video details how a novice humanist can set up Omeka and Neatline locally.* Below are the links you will need to set up: MAMP ImageMagick Omeka Neatline What is Omeka and Neatline?  Omeka is an open-source web-publishing software, which is often used by digital humanists to create and build digital exhibitions and collections with various types of media.…

Teaching the Humanities as a Survival Skill: Session Two in the workshop series The University Worth Fighting For

On October 22, the CUNY Graduate Center held The Futures Initiative workshop titled Teaching the Humanities as a Survival Skill (#fight4edu). This was the second in the workshop series The University Worth Fighting For. These workshops discuss and explore student-centered and engaging pedagogical practices and their relationship or links to various social injustice issues, such as race, equality and gender.…