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Livingstone Online Project Review : A case for interdisciplinary DH

Abstract: This project review examines Livingstone Online, in particular the project arguments and goals, disciplinary context, and methodologies used. By examining this testament to scholarly and institutional collaboration and interdisciplinary thought, I break down the project’s contributions to digital humanities, postcolonial studies and Livingstone studies. 

Digital Humanities: National Museum of Rio de Janeiro Tragedy

Abstract: Digital humanities in museum settings is a crucial area to be explored and applied because it can be the determining factor between saving history and losing it forever. The tragedy that happened in the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where a devastating fire destroyed the museum completely and with that over 20 million unique artifacts were…

These Songs of Freedom: Digital Humanities and Incarceration

This resource is designed to help researchers and students find information and resources related to digital humanities and incarcerated people Below, you will find a curated catalog of DH projects created for, by, or about the incarcerated population. To view each project, click on it’s title. Discussion Problem Prior to the 1994 Crime Bill, state and federal grants made art…