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ASCO: Champions of Disruption and Civic Engagement – A Comprehensive Retrospective Analysis

ASCO’s significance within the realm of peripheral art-making during periods of civil unrest cannot be overstated. The collective transcended the confines of traditional artistic spaces, pioneering a movement that challenged societal norms and redefined the boundaries of artistic expression. Existing for over 15 years, ASCO operated outside the established structures of the LA gallery market, utilizing their elusiveness to cultivate…

The Increasing Gamification of Assassin’s Creed: Discovery Tour

Since its debut in 2007, the Assassin’s Creed video game franchise has been creating digital representations of historical cities. Ubisoft, the developer, has hired historians to ensure an accurate portrayal. Despite its academic potential, the violent themes in the game have prevented it from being a teaching tool.  In 2017, Assassin’s Creed launched the Discovery Tour. This is a mode…

Kinolab: A Digital Humanities Project Review

Beginning with pioneering projects in the late 2000s, digital humanities—historically dominated by text scholarship—has increasingly expanded into film studies. Scholars interested in applying analytical methods such as distant reading to audiovisual materials are developing annotation tools unique to film, in contrast to the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) used for written texts. Led by principal investigator Alison Cooper, the digital humanities…

Livingstone Online Project Review : A case for interdisciplinary DH

Abstract: This project review examines Livingstone Online, in particular the project arguments and goals, disciplinary context, and methodologies used. By examining this testament to scholarly and institutional collaboration and interdisciplinary thought, I break down the project’s contributions to digital humanities, postcolonial studies and Livingstone studies. 

Digital Humanities: National Museum of Rio de Janeiro Tragedy

Abstract: Digital humanities in museum settings is a crucial area to be explored and applied because it can be the determining factor between saving history and losing it forever. The tragedy that happened in the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where a devastating fire destroyed the museum completely and with that over 20 million unique artifacts were…

Designing for Reflection: Walden, a game and the Case for Slow Digital Humanities

While more and more attention is being paid to slow things down—slow food, slow TV, etc.—should we be also creating a “slow digital humanities?” Walden, a game, a video game adaptation of Thoreau’s experiences at Walden Pond, prioritizes slowness, reflection and deliberate action. Exploring how that is manifested in the rules and world of the game will demonstrate ways that slowing down can benefit digital humanities projects.