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Gender Reveal Party : playing in the intersections of digital humanities and autoethnography

To play Gender Reveal Party in your browser, go to my page!

Gender Reveal Party is a visual novel that explores the idea of embodied personhood, my own personhood, within digital humanities Using the methods of autoethnography, and a performance studies perspective, this game brings together Augusto Boal’s theory of the “spect-actor” with the realm of the digital.

Gender Reveal Party is… a game about me, about my gender experience, about my relationship to my body, my friends, my family. Using the branching narratives of Twine, the game invites you to explore how my life was, and how it could have been. It looks at the consequences of actions, my own, and other people’s. Also, I hope, it’s fun!

The game is still in a sort of prototype state, because I realized that there was much more that could be done with it, but not by the end of the semester. I hope to continue this as an independent digital humanities project in the fall.

Also, I will be presenting the game at infoshow 2019, in room 608 at 6PM. If you want to come and offer feedback and play my great game, that’s a good time to do it!

To read my white paper, see game drafts, or find other relevant information please visit my OSF page!

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