In October 25th, I attended a workshop that was hosted by two senior UX designers from Athlon design company, which is one of the leading international design and technology in New York. During the workshop, they introduced their background and presented their projects to us and show how to create a brand experience in UX industry.

Speakers first asked about the definition of brand experience and each of us wrote it down on the notes. Before that, I never heard about the brand experience. My first opinion was to create an ideology of the brand, people will use a methodology to help consumer understand the brand and its products. According to my response, speakers brought up a recent design they have done.

In one of their projects, they created follow questions to help a user understand the content and also gather information about the usability and learnability of the content. Every time after users complete the task, there will be a pop up follow up question ask them their opinions & understanding about the task and the product. Users can directly express their expectations for the product and propose areas for improvement. After summing up all the opinions and combining the company’s image, the designer will be able to a product that fits the overall user experience.


Eventually, they explained brand experience is the use of technology, data, and storytelling to reshape the live experience. Brand experiential learning provides theoretical guidance for brands to use new media platforms reasonably and effectively, especially online media, online games and virtual worlds, as well as mobile platforms designed for brand experience. In the UX field, people will use visual information to present, such as typography, clean and structural hierarchy, balanced of images, text blocks, spacing, and error prevention. Its goal is to provide positive users experience from the product to help users understand the brand.


By combining with the brand measurement method and brand indicator system, it provides specific brand experience measurement and evaluation methods and practical tools for brand inspection and brand management improvement construction results. It can be said that the brand experience is a new star in the field of design and marketing.



In my understanding, it is the ultimate goal of the brand experience in UX field is to put users in the brand atmosphere and enhance the brand’s appeal. As long as users keep interacting with the products, it not only reflects the humanization of the product but also increases the user’s awareness of the product and establishes their own opinions toward the brand.


The product represents the company’s brand and reputation. If there are subtle errors in the product, such as grammar, graphic links, it will directly affect the user’s experience and damage the corporate image. Since technology, a brand of products, services, and marketing have never been so closely integrated, what kind of service the product provides, how the service creates the users’ feelings, how users express themselves in technology activities, these three things must be transparent and users must be able to see products, services even marketing.

In conclusion, a smooth experience is very important. For example, you can’t let users have to buy something and they have to do another 50 extra things to consume. Today users won’t have the patience for it. Besides, creating a brand experience will never be good enough since everyone can do it. The experience must also be inspiring, so users will feel you care about them and your product will truly become competitive.


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