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Author: mreesele

Day of DH: A Textual Analysis

What is digital humanities? There is no single agreed-upon answer amongst practitioners or members of the field. Many note that it is less a unified discipline than a series of methods and practices that share common values (Spiro, 2012; Burdick, 2012; Presner, 2009). One common value amongst the digital humanities crowd is openness and contributions from many, much as in…

“Immersive Narratives: Advertising, Engagement, and Storytelling,” Panel Presented by CUNY

The Immersive Narratives: Advertising, Engagement, and Storytelling panel was held at Baruch’s Performing Arts Center on Thursday, April 7, 2016. It featured three panelists—two from within the advertising industry, and one media professor. At the heart of the presentations and discussions was the concept of immersion and participation in media—how viewers and consumers are no longer just passive audience members.…

“What is a Dissertation, New Models, New Methods, New Media.” (CUNY, October 10, 2014)

On Friday, October 10th I attended, “What is a Dissertation, New Models, New Methods, New Media.” This event was a panel discussion, which was part of a series of talks put forth by CUNY as part of their digital humanities initiative. The panel consisted of five PhD candidates, who were chosen to speak because of the brilliant and innovative ways…